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Loving Words From Jesus Meditation Card Deck

Genuine Doreen Virtue Loving Words from Jesus Meditation Cards Deck - 2016 - Brand New  - Rare - Out of Print


Only 2 available

This beautiful deck is Doreen Virtue's way of sharing her love and respect for Jesus and his inspiring words in the Gospels. Each card features a loving portrait of Jesus by the artist Greg Olsen, along with an uplifting biblical verse from Jesus.
Whatever your relationship with Jesus is like, you're sure to find these cards comforting and filled with love.

This is a meditation card deck, not an oracle card reading deck. For that reason, it doesn’t come with the traditional guidebook, Doreen was guided to keep the messages purely from the gospel writings. Instead, the words on the cards are meant to be meditated upon, for your inner guidance and personal connection with Jesus. These cards were created for you to meditate upon the profound words from the synoptic gospels of Matthew, Mark, John and Luke. Some people have said that the cards have helped them to gain a closer connection to Jesus and God.


He is the Comforter who is here to guide you. If you are worried or upset about something, Jesus wants you to let go of your fear and worry because He is always by your side. Dig deep inside you to feel what is bothering you, pin it down, accept it and exhale it out of your mind. Anytime you feel stressed, depressed or are just looking for spiritual guidance, pull one of these cards to receive loving words from Jesus.

Doreen Virtue no longer publishes these cards, so they are a real collector’s item.

Colours may appear different due to variances in monitor etc.
Ships in 2-4 Days. Shipping Included.

Cards Loving Words from Jesus Meditation Cards

  • Cost: AUD$220.00  shipping included

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