Zodiac and Life Enchantments Scrolls

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"Designed and Handmade with passion for the discerning Soul".

I work as a Psychic Medium, I created these Enchantment Spell Scrolls for Zodiac on demand for my clients and friends who needed to express their inner thoughts to people in their lives that personally they found difficult to do so.


You can order your Enchantment Scroll for Zodiac as pictured, choosing from the Zodiac Enchantment Scrolls for that Special Person in your life or even Friends.


1. A step by step visualisation process

2.The Zodiac Enchantment Scroll Spell of your choice

3. Printed on beautiful 120gsm Stationary paper

4. Can be framed and or mounted on the wall.

5. Included is the appropriate gemstone and

6. A special candle for your visualisation.

7. Individual zodiac charm with Swarovski Crystal for each star sign


Make Magic Happen!

To Purchase a Scroll Enchantment Spell for Zodiac:  Click on the appropriate Scroll Spell Below