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Readings and Therapies

I, Natalie Norton-Baker work as an Angel Intuitive / Clairvoyant / Psychic Practitioner / Psychic Counsellor /Medical Intuitive and Medium in Adelaide.



When you come to have a psychic reading with me it can be emotionally and psychologically rewarding - regardless of the final outcome. Having a reading can leave you feeling positively empowered to make informed decisions and take knowledgeable action!

As a Psychic Medium in Adelaide I can help you, my clients to find clarity in all kinds of situations. Simply by tuning into your energy and your voice vibration, which means that I don't always need to be with you in person face to face. Therefore, you have the option of having either a psychic phone reading, Skype reading or even  a face to face reading as well. It is a perfect and private way to find the answers to all those burning questions you have.

The messages that are channelled come from a higher guided source, our angels and spirit guides, bringing you the guidance, knowledge and insight with clarity to the problems that you may have spent many, many hours deliberating over!


Think about what you want from the reading:

Before you make the phone call, send an email message have a think about what it is you are wanting to gain from your reading.  After all, you have come to my site and chosen me, Natalie Norton-Baker for a reason.


Do you have a relationship that is troubling you?

Are you looking for answers to your career dilemmas?

Maybe you are considering relocating?

Maybe you need reassurance that a loved one who has passed over is okay, or you may be looking for messages from them?


Write down exactly what you need from me to focus on, so you get the very most from the experience.  

Note down some questions, regardless if it is a face to face, phone, Skype reading

It often can be really handy to write a few specific questions down before your reading starts so you can remember exactly what it is you want to ask. As often times it's easy to forget and then you go away from the reading realising that there were other issues you wanted answers to.


Also keep a pen and paper handy to write down any important information you may be given especially if are having a either a psychic phone reading, Skype reading or face to face reading. It’s easy to forget things when you are given so many exciting happenings and things to look forward to.



What are the necessary steps that you need to do or need to take so that you can put into action what you want to achieve and maintain:


What you want in your life;  

Review your life's direction and guidance;  

Your health and well being;  

And perhaps what you need to do to regain your self image and confidence to give you the strength, direction, clarity and courage to pursue your life's purpose.


Here are some different therapies to assist and give you that freedom on your journey in life.


Past Life Regression:  By re-experiencing the significant events of a past life and by releasing energy and emotional blockages that have kept you stuck, helps to bring closure to those events of that lifetime enabling you to move forward more freely in the present time and then in your future.


Future Vision:  Future Vision is a technique that can be very useful for people who constantly have their forward visions completely blocked.  The benefits of working with Future Vision are numerous, as looking at people’s visions ahead to help them to realise those visions.


Spiritual Healing:  Spiritual Healing is the ability of the Healer to be the instrument for the means of restoring mental, emotional and physical health through the application of Spiritual energies from a non-physical dimension.


Reiki:  Reiki is Unconditional Love from the Universe a natural healing process which brings about:
      ~ Wholeness and completeness 
      ~ Through self-empowerment and spiritual development.


Chakra Healing:  The 7 Chakras are a map of the Soul, which you must move along throughout your lifetime for healing to happen. These points represent our physical, emotional and spiritual growth and are responsible for handling the flow of Universal Energy.


Aura's: The Aura is an energy field that surrounds and penetrates the Human Body and all living things and extends beyond the body.


The Aura is usually a reflection of:

  • Our personalities, How others see us, How we see the world, and the spiritual sides of our being


Balancing and maintaining a healthy energy, Aura, will facilitate:

  • Health, Optimism, and Balance


Spiritual Counselling:  Spiritual Counselling is helping my clients gain understanding and clarity of the intricacies of the dynamics of their situations they are going through and then assisting them and being divinely guided by Angels and Spirit Guides to help them find the strength and courage to start healing their lives. 




Psychic House Parties / Group Readings are a special, unique day and or evening with lots of mystical fun! They are an entertaining and popular choice for a Hen’s night, Bridal Shower, birthday party, a social gathering, afternoon tea, an evening get together or a girl’s night in. Why don’t you try something different for your Hen’s Night!


Many people are finding a lot of fun by hosting a psychic house party. A psychic house party is generally held in the privacy of someone's home where that person serves as the host or hostess. The party consists of a group of at least 10 people and lasts approximately 2-3 hours. Guests will be allowed to ask a question as they sit in a living room setting. Natalie will read each guest's aura, work with their question, as well as give other pertinent psychic information to the guest. A house party is a fun and unique way to enjoy a gathering with friends and co-workers.

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Psychic Medium in Adelaide -
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Select Your Preferred Reading or Therapy Option and Charges Below:

Psychic Readings
Therapies and Healings

All Therapies and Healings are done in my Therapies room in Adelaide on a one to one basis. I am also available for any Therapies or Healings whilst I am visiting other cities in Australia or Overseas.


Therapies and Healings are either 1, 2 or 3 hr sessions

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