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Book NOW with Multi Award Winning and International TV Celebrity Psychic Medium in Adelaide ……. NATALIE NORTON-BAKER.



Workshop times:  10am - 5pm

Date:   TBA

Location:   To be advised

Cost:     $225

Lunch & refreshments are provided. 


All Workshops require a deposit of $100 to be paid at least 2 weeks prior to Workshop to reserve your place.

A balance of $125 is required before Workshop commencement and/or paid on day of Workshop in cash or by EFTPOS.

Here is a list of our workshops.  Please click here to register your interest.  Please let us know which course or workshop you would be interested in attending and we will email you with an invitation to the next one we hold.

Cost: $225 per person 7 hour session Maximum 6 participants


Natalie became interested in Past Life Regression in 1977 after re experiencing her own journey back to key events of a past life and then reprocessing the impact helped her to bring closure to those events in her current life.  She then studied with a reputable teacher all the techniques and methods for facilitating Past Life Regressions as she saw how working in this field lead to significant transformations in how you view yourself and the whole world.

A belief in Past Life Regression is not required to do the work of benefiting from it as the mind can heal in many ways. I have found that most of our present blockages can be traced back to a past life.

But going back and experiencing what had occurred in the past we can heal physical and emotional challenges. We keep recreating the same patterns over and over again until we release them from our personal energy field.

Natalie will take you back gently and lovingly using the tremendous energy that is generated by the group which makes it easier for past life exploration and personal healing.

Past Life Regression assists in your personal exploration and unlocks your subconscious mind to the gifts of enlightenment and healing.
By merging the wisdom gained through Past Life experiences into your current life, you can achieve a greater understanding and knowledge of how to improve current situations and what your soul’s purpose really is.



At a Chakra Workshop I will share information with you about the 7 major Chakras, and how they relate to your well-being.

The Chakras are spiritual energy centres along the axis of your Being, connected to the physical body.
Each one is a point at which energy can be expressed in a certain set of actions, attitudes and emotions.

Any imbalances that exist within each Chakra may have profound effects upon either our physical or our emotional bodies so that:

  • Diseases may manifest

  • Thought processes and the mind may be affected


A constant balance between the Chakras promotes health and a sense of wellbeing.

MEDITATION WORKSHOP.  Meditation is an exercise in mental discipline, just as your body needs rest from physical exertion, so your mind needs to rest from the worries, concentration and stress that we impose upon it daily. Teaching our mind to relax by meditation may not be easy but it will be with practice and the total relaxation will be more quickly achieved with each sitting.
By meditating correctly you allow your own deep healing energy to awaken to a more powerful level and bring your system into balance.
You will be guided through beautiful meditations which will provide you with:
 ~  Mental clarity    ~  Leave you feeling calm     ~  Uplifted     ~  Revived     ~  And ready for 
 Your intuition will kick in, guiding you to staying on (or keying into) your Divine Agenda/Soul's Purpose.

Benefits Of Meditation;

* Reduce stress and think more clearly with meditation

* Meditation may assist with encouraging feelings of peace and tranquillity

* Improvement in self-esteem & quality of relationships & friendships may occur through meditation

* Possible increase in alertness, energy & vitality with meditation

* Meditation may assist with reduction in moodiness and irritability

* Begin to increase intuition & harmonisation of mind, body & spirit by meditating

* Compassion, perception and awareness may increase through meditation


SPIRITUAL HEALING WORKSHOP. Spiritual Healing is the ability of the Healer to be the instrument for the means of restoring mental, emotional and physical health through the application of Spiritual energies from a non-physical dimension.

Many people are born with the gift of healing, but do not utilise this gift in their everyday lives. Going through the process of developing our senses we are able to offer unique insights into our client’s personal health and emotional issues.

At the Spiritual Healing Workshop you will learn:

-  How to administer healing to your Family and friends.

-  That Spiritual Healing is very safe although very powerful.

-  How to connect with your healing angels and guide/s

-  The position/s to be in to receive or give healing

-  The correct placement of your hands throughout the healing process

-  How to check for negative energies in a person's auras prior to healing

-  How to cleanse the person's aura before the healing

-  The vibrational colours to use for different aspects of healing

-  You will understand with Spiritual healing there are no adverse effects only positive results to be gained.



At a discover dowsing, pendulum workshop you will be able to:

  • Learn how to work and play with your pendulum

    • Ground & protect yourself

    • Handling your pendulums, feeling comfortable using it

    • Polarity, which way to face for your correct frequency

    • Intention

Preparing  to use your pendulum:   

 - How to hold

 - Questions to ask and how

 - Responses to questions by the swaying movement of pendulum

Exercises using a pendulum:  

 - How to find lost objects

 - How to determine which foods are/aren’t beneficial for your body

 - How to determine which Chakras are blocked and need your attention


The Third Eye is a spiritual eye located just above the physical eyes. It is said to be the site where we receive psychic impressions. Although there are instances in which the Third eye opens suddenly, it is usually a gradual process.

The 3rd Eye in reality is the Pineal Gland; it is the Spiritual Third Eye, our Inner Vision and is considered the Seat of the Soul being located in the geometric centre of the cranium.

The 3rd Eye chakra is the seat of our higher mental powers and the seat of consciousness. Through this chakra we can access the non-physical realms and it enhances abstract thought, concepts, intuition, clairvoyance, out-of-body experiences, original thought and  so on.

When the 3rd Eye chakra is more open this enables you to connect more fully and dramatically to other dimensions and realities, to be clairvoyant, clear seeing and have greater clarity, wisdom and understanding.


This workshop will give you the ability to recognise where and why your 3rd Eye has been blocked.

_  You will learn how to unblock your 3rd Eye enabling you to have clear viewing insight

_  You will learn methods to use to help yourself to understand why they struggle to see clairvoyantly.



Automatic Writing is an method used specifically if you want to contact your Spirit Guides and deceased loved ones.

Automatic writing can assist you on your spiritual path.

Using this method you can have conversations with your Guardian Angels, Ascended Masters, Archangels and God.

  • This can involve a form of receiving messages and you write what you hear and it is possible that you will be conscious of what you are writing.

  • This involves the Angels or Spirit Guides or your deceased loved one physically pushing your hand while you use a pencil or type on a keyboard.

  • Also you are not aware of the words that you are writing at the time.


Learn how to prepare yourself and the equipment you need to be able to connect with either your Angels, Spirit Guides or your beloved family members on the other side



ETHERIC CORDS WORKSHOP.   Chakras often have “etheric cords” protruding from them. These cords, which look like surgical tubing, extend to chakras in other people with whom we have had relationships.

Etheric cords most commonly extend to our siblings, then to our father, mother, ex-spouse, current spouse or lover, our house, children, close friends, clients, to our pets especially cats and dogs and to things we use .

Fear within our relationships forms these cords, which may be characterised as co-dependency, attachments, fear of abandonment or Unforgiveness.

Etheric cords act like hoses with energy directed back and forth between people and that is where the problem lies. If the person to whom you are attached is having a life challenge then that person will siphon energy from you. She or he will draw upon your energy supply through the etheric cord and you will then you will feel tired, sad or drained without even knowing why.


At this workshop you will learn the reasons behind how and why Etheric Cords are attached to you from others around you.

Learn how to find out to which Chakras the Etheric Cords are attached to.

Learn how to extract these Etheric Cords to free yourself.


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