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Neve, Payneham. SA
Natalie's 2 day course provided exceptional understanding, insight &
vital techniques to assist in my spiritual development. I found the course to be useful & provided me with the tool kit to understand more about my existence, open my third eye & become more intuitive of self & others. I highly recommend this course for those who are seeking the path of spiritual development.

Graham, Mitcham. SA
Natalie's course "Heart of an Angel 2 day Self Discovery Journey" is an extremely effective spiritual development course which very quickly & effectively fosters spiritual progress in several disciplines. Natalie presents the course in a relaxed, concise fashion which maintains the interest & participation of those taking the course. The spiritual development of those undertaking the course is immeasurably enhanced in a very short time by Natalie's well designed course content.

Shirley, Milton. VIC
I found it a wonderful experience connecting & communicating with the angels. Natalie is a dedicated teacher & I felt very honoured to meet her.

Michelle, Milton. VIC
I wish to thank you for the great weekend where you taught me how to connect with my angels & gave me the ability to understand my inner self better. The "Self Discovery Journey" was a real eye opener that I really enjoyed & I am sure many others will too.

Bronk, Geelong. VIC
Just a quick thank you for the course you held in Melbourne, it was a great experience one that I certainly won't forget. A beautiful group & you are a fantastic, gifted teacher.

Yessica, Strathmere Heights. VIC
I would like to thank you for the Heart of an Angel workshop you held in Melbourne in Oct 2008, it has helped me tremendously in seeking my life purpose.

Allan W. Gray, Wollstonecraft. NSW
The course that I did with you was nothing short of brilliant, wonderful & very heartfelt. I thought I knew a lot about being psychic & connecting with my Angels & Guides but what I know is just the tip of the iceberg by comparison to you Natalie. The fact that you delivered the course with such warmth, love & understanding it is something that I shall never forget. I know the course only cost $400 but I felt it was worth a lot more. You have shown me how to open up & trust my feelings & intuition & believe me it has worked on several occasions since the course. And WOW has it worked. If anyone else wants to do the course I strongly recommend that you do, because Natalie is truly a wonderful & beautiful person & psychic & a special friend as well.

Chris, Oaklands Park. SA
My reason for attending Natalie's seminar was to have help in forgiving my ex-partner who had really abused my trust this last year & because of my extreme hurt & pain - my response had been very vitriolic. I forgave him as he does not know the difference between right & wrong & I also forgave myself for reacting so nastily. Since I did that - I met someone again that I had pushed away because I had to overcome my past. I cannot believe what a wonderful blossoming friendship has opened up for me especially as I had felt undesirable & unloved because my ex partner had left me for playing the field with other women.
Having had my mind opened to the power of Angels my experience blew me away to the point of crying. Last week  I had held up traffic for 10 mins because no-one could catch a small distressed dog who was wandering over a very busy 2 lane highway & just did not know what to do, when it came to me screaming the words at the top of my lungs "Archangel Michael GET THAT DOG OF THE ROAD". Immediately the dog turned off the road & disappeared towards houses yet it had been running back & forth & was heading for the downside of the highway where it would not have stood a chance.

Elaine, Seaview Downs. SA
Thank you so much for the wonderful weekend, you worked really hard to make us all warm & welcome. The days sped fast so quickly I felt like I could have stayed forever.  I have gained so much from attending this course, I now feel like I know where I am going, but most of all I now know how to do my meditations so much better, I still have a lot to learn.

Lee-Ann, Emerald. QLD
I thought I knew a lot about angels but I learnt so much more when I decided to do Natalie's 'Heart of an Angel' course. I came a long way from home to do the course in Sydney but it was worth the traveling. I learnt to contact my angel & spirit guide & can now notice the difference in the room when they are near me. I also experienced lots of other useful things at the course. One of the best was hearing Natalie's own story in her own words & being around like minded people. I highly recommend this course to anyone. Thank you Natalie for being a down to earth teacher who was easy to talk to about anything.

Greta, Lindfield. NSW
I can truly say that I am happy to doing the weekend with you, it was amazing when I am listening to the conversation between us it gave me the insurance to believe in myself. When the visions or thoughts came to me, it was so good to listen to you, also I learnt so much more how to handle my life & surroundings at home. Talking to my guides & angels for help comes easy now, as well as using the pendulum etc. Natalie I know I had to come to your course to get what I needed , thank you sooo much!! Monday after the weekend, woo I got sooo much energy I did not experience for a long time, at morning after breaky I took the curtains down from the living room (8x3x8m) & washed them& windows too, my husband did not believe it, it was like old times. Now before meditation I put everyone who needs to be forgiven way back in my childhood & till now in there & it feels very good. My life now has no place for hurt & fright, trying to do everyday something good, whatever comes along. So dear Natalie thank you once more you're truly amazing.

Giang Le-Huy, St Peters. SA
I really enjoyed the "Heart of an Angel" training course which I had longed for to attend. The training truly opened a journey to those who sought a new path in psychic development. The manual is a very helpful guide to keep track of the information that I received during the course. It was a truly wonderful experience. Many thanks Natalie. Blessings, Giang.


Brian T. Hutchison, Elizabeth Downs. SA

Morning to all my beautiful friends here on Facebook. Some of you know my circumstances and the journey that i am travelling, over the last few years my yearning for more knowledge into Psychic and Spiritual it has increased no end. Many brilliant teachers have come into my life and on the weekend a new brilliant teacher came into my life. I have to say a massive big thank you to Natalie Norton-Baker for your input into my further development of my searching of new knowledge.
If anytime any of you get a chance to go to any of Natalie's workshops i urge you to do so. This lady has a real calming effect on you , your mind will be blown away .
Thanks Natalie for a brilliant weekend.
Love Brian.xx


Hi Natalie, once again for the weekend just brilliant. Had a quiet day Monday but could not get over how different i felt. I posted on my Facebook page yesterday about you and your course just how brilliant it was. I would thoroughly endorse to anyone who gets a chance to do any course you have, so calming and relaxing, so thank you it was an absolute pleasure to have been in your company. Love Brian xx


Jinal Raval-Jones, Mildura. VIC

Dearest teacher, mentor and aunt y Nat, Hope all is well on your end! Thank-you for your patience. Finally got around to it. Have a great day! I would like to thank-you Natalie for taking me on this wonderful 2 day journey of self-discovery and establishing an intuitive connection with my Angels.
I have learned to embrace my unique healing powers and also embrace my mental, physical, spiritual and emotional fields in my own sacred space.. It has been truly fulfilling weekend!!  Love and Light, Jinal


Belinda Rogers.  Mildura VIC    2016

“Learning about “Universal Life Strategies” incorporating Transformation Angels by joining other like minded people to complete the “Heart of an Angel” 2 Day Self Discovery Journey

Was amazing and it was very validating for me.  Natalie Norton- Baker is an exceptional teacher and guide on this Journey.

I would recommend this course to anyone even slightly curious or who has an open mind.   This course transformed my life as I found that I had skills that have been waiting to be awakened. 

My favorite part of the course was meeting my guides, who I have learned so much about and I am so grateful for this experience.   The one on one and group experiences when working on each of the skills is amazing.  As is the information and hand outs.  Ill never forget the excitement of having my first deck of Angel cards.

Really I LOVED THE WHOLE COURSE EXPERIENCE!!! My life will forever be changed.”  

Thank you Natalie xxx

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Heart of an Angel Course & Workshop Testimonials

Automatic Writing Workshop

Dominic B, Adelaide. SA

I recently completed an automatic writing workshop that Natalie held. I found the course to be excellent. I didn’t realize how much preparation is required before you actually start. The course was informative, it was very well set out and the training was excellent. I am now putting  into action my learning's. It has now been 2 weeks since the coarse and I feel I have come a long way and the writing from spirit has flowed consistently .  I would highly recommend anyone looking to do an automatic writing course to contact Natalie and book in  a space. They are limited and the group is small which I felt was perfect as Natalie could focus on each student.


Thanks Natalie I look forward to the next training!

Michelle Cox, Highland Valley. SA

I found the course to be interesting, informative and enjoyable as Natalie is a passionate about the subject matter. My dietary needs were also happily catered to. If you have an interest in this subject, I highly recommend it.


Love & light,


Automatic Writing Workshop.PNG
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