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Psychic House Parties / Group Readings are a special, unique day and or evening with lots of mystical fun! They are an entertaining and popular choice for a Hen’s night, Bridal Shower, birthday party, a social gathering, afternoon tea, an evening get together or a girl’s night in. Why don’t you try something different for your Hen’s Night!


Many people are finding a lot of fun by hosting a psychic house party. A psychic house party is generally held in the privacy of someone's home where that person serves as the host or hostess. The party consists of a group of at least 10 people and lasts approximately 2-3 hours. Guests will be allowed to ask a question as they sit in a living room setting. Natalie will read each guest's aura, work with their question, as well as give other pertinent psychic information to the guest. A house party is a fun and unique way to enjoy a gathering with friends and co-workers.

The psychic parties are popular and do get booked a few months in advance so you need to get in early to secure your spot. You may call at any time and leave your house party request. I will call you back to set up a date and time.




                                                    1.  SOUL WOMAN: 


                                                        Group Mediumship; Private Psychic Reading (15mins); Group Discussion and a

                                                        Mystical Goodie Bag


                                                 Based on minimum 8 people attending  at $65.00 per person.






                                                    2. SPIRITUAL WOMAN: 


                                                        Guided Meditation; Group Mediumship; Reiki Healing; Private Psychic Reading                                                         (15mins); Group Discussion and a Mystical Goodie Bag 


                                                    Based on minimum 10 people attending at $95.00 per person.






It's as Simple as.....

1.  Select your package based on Soul Woman or Spiritual Woman


2.  Complete the Contact Form below with your details, date and time for your Psychic House Party or phone Natalie on 041 9889 511


3.  Portal Visions; Natalie Norton-Baker will confirm your request and discuss payment and deposit details via telephone and or email


You, as the hostess, pay nothing. In fact, you also get a FREE READING!


It can be as formal or informal as you like! From beer and pizza to wine and cheese to champagne and caviar! It’s up to you. No need to go all out; just make sure you have some “munchies” and some drinks.

Simply contact as many friends, family etc as you can and get them to R.S.V.P. It’s that simple!











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