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                                                           CHOICE OF TWO (2) GIFT VOUCHERS AVAILABLE:


                                                          1.  Choose the Gift Voucher with either a $200 & or $210 value




                                                          2.  Choose your Gift Voucher with Your nominated value $ amount 





When Purchasing the Gift Voucher  1,  select and use the "Buy Now" button on the Left.


When Purchasing the Gift Voucher 2, please nominate  the $...  amount value;  as well as the Name of the recipient the Gift Voucher will be gifted to.  Call Natalie on 041 9889 511 or use the Contact Form below to arrange and organise this for you.


The Gift Voucher can be sent to you either via Email or by Mail.

I welcome any comments or questions;  I would be happy to chat with you!



Please visit my "About page" to find out more about me and my shop, or visit the homepage if you are new here, or for further info visit my FAQ page for any other questions that may NOT have already been answered.


**Please ensure that you have completed all sections on the CONTACT section below and also which state in Australia or country you are inquiring from.


Don't forget to include your name, phone/mobile number and email so I can contact you regarding your inquiry.


*If you have paid your deposit/money for a GIFT VOUCHER please complete the form below with all your details and the Name and which service; eg Reading - face to face or phone; Therapy; Workshop; Course; Psychic House Party or Products from my Rainbow of Dreams Store you have booked in for or wanting to purchase.


I will be in contact with you within 24hours to discuss and provide the details or obtain details from you for the Gift Vouchers.  Thank you.




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