Angel /Tarot Cards Drawstring Bags

Angel and Tarot Cards Drawstring Bags



As Part of my Unique Gemstone Jewellery Range each Angel & Tarot Cards Drawstring Bags is made with silks, velvets, metallic cords and Czech glass beads, this range of tarot bags is absolutely gorgeous.

At 14cm x 21cm, these bags are perfect for your cards, runes, herbs or cosmetics.


The Prints are very vivid and luscious in colour.

All over the bags are beautifully made with 100% silk DuPont backing, finished with Czech metallic braiding Cord and Czech glass beads and fully lined.

Use the Unique Angel & Tarot Cards Drawstring Bag to protect your Card Decks, as it is a belief that the vibration of the silk these Drawstring Bags are made from have a greater affect on the metaphysical energies on your card decks.

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