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Past Life Regression Therapy differs from other types of therapy because of its quick access to:


Your entire past history and the deeper origins of your issues. 


During a regression session clients give comprehensive details of accessing these issues and :


Also give information of their healing experiences.


By re-experiencing the significant events of a past life and by releasing energy and emotional


Blockages that have kept you stuck, helps to bring closure to those events of that lifetime


Enabling you to move forward more freely in the present time and then in your future.


The past life journeys can lead to:

  • Significant transformations

  • Healing

  • Understanding and Enlightenment in how you view yourself and the whole world.



Clients come away with:

  • A greater realisation of the eternal nature of their being

  • Their connection to others in their life and, a closer experience of the love filled energy that underlies all life.

Select your Preferred Therapy or Healing Session

"Designed specifically for the Client to assist them to achieve and then maintain the change through their journey in Life with a Therapy or Healing Session".


As an experienced Psychic Medium, and trained in all the Therapy's and Healings, I offer my expertise & knowledge to guide you to discover :

1.  Reviewing your life's direction and guidance;  

2.  Your health and well being;  

3.  And perhaps what you need to do to regain your self-image and confidence to give you the strength, direction, clarity and courage to pursue your life's purpose.


All Therapies and Healings are done in my Therapies room in Adelaide on a one to one basis. I am also available for any Therapies or Healings whilst I am visiting other cities in Australia or Overseas.


Therapies and Healings are either 1, 2 or 3 hr sessions

FUTURE VISION. Future Vision is a technique that can be very useful for people who constantly have their forward visions completely blocked.

Using this technique will facilitate and enable you to:

  • Projecting forward you can actually see for yourself what planning is happening at an inner level.

  • Accessing the wisdom, peace and guidance that is available from the inner level.

  • Access your progress and give direction to you for your current lifetime.

  • Accessing your strengths and accomplishments that can be brought forward to increase your confidence and effectiveness in the present time.

Clarify your direction and life purpose by viewing your Future Vision.
This enables you to get through when you have made your decisions for your personal career path, education and directions in life at a very much more meaningful and positive way.
The benefits of working with Future Vision are numerous, looking ahead helps you to realise those visions.

REIKI  HEALING SESSION. Reiki means "Universal Life Force Energy"  which flows through everything living.


Reiki is Unconditional Love from the Universe a natural healing process which brings about:
      ~ Wholeness and completeness through self-empowerment and spiritual development.

Reiki is not difficult to learn, it is one of the simplest forms of healing.
 There is no special medical knowledge required, for the Universal Energy of Reiki, as it possesses a wisdom all its own.

The purpose of learning the art of Reiki healing is:
    ~ To improve the flow of Universal Energy through the healing of the Chakras
    ~ To learn how to best use the energy to heal others. 
    ~ Sending distance healing energy and Healing yourself



    ~ Seichim Reiki is the feminine energy of Reiki. 
    ~ Seichim is more then simply a hands on healing technique   
    ~ Seichim is an advanced form of telepathically directed 

       healing and leads to a greater unfoldment and 

       understanding of your spiritual self.

Seichim is unconditional love in action. 

SPIRITUAL HEALING SESSION.  Spiritual Healing Session is the ability of the Healer to be the instrument for the means of restoring mental, emotional and physical health through the application of Spiritual energies from a non-physical dimension.
Many people are born with the gift of healing, but do not utilise this gift in their everyday lives.
People like myself, who have chosen to work as a Spiritual Healer have had additional extensive training to develop our senses of ‘Seeing’, ‘Feeling’ and ‘Hearing’ in a way that very few people can.
Going through the process of developing our senses I am able to offer unique insights into my client’s personal health and emotional issues.
Specific healing techniques are used for each of the energy fields, these are:
  ~  Sensing, Cleansing, Balancing, Repairing & Charging the energy field.
The healing energy moves through each human energy level including:
  ~  The physical, Emotional, Mental nature, Spiritual  nature, and basic beliefs in reality.
After healing it is important for you to discover new ways of taking responsibility for your own health by:
  ~  Initiating positive actions to maintain; re-connect yourself to your inner wisdom and re-examine your values and belief systems.


In a Chakra Healing session I work with the Chakras as they are spiritual energy centres along the axis of your Being, connected to the physical body.
Each one is a point at which energy can be expressed in a certain set of actions, attitudes and emotions.
The 7 Chakras are a map of the Soul, which you must move along through out your lifetime for healing to happen.
These points represent our physical, emotional and spiritual growth and are responsible for handling the flow of Universal Energy.
Any imbalances that exist within each Chakra may have profound effects upon either our physical or our emotional bodies so that:

  • Diseases may manifest and thought processes and the mind may be affected.

The Chakras look after our:

  • Physical Being, Intellectual Being, Emotional Being and Spiritual Being.

A constant balance between the Chakras promotes health and a sense of wellbeing.



Spiritual Counselling is helping clients gain understanding and clarity of the intricacies of the dynamics of their situations they are going through and then assisting them and being divinely guided by Angels and Spirit Guides to help them find the strength and courage to start healing their lives. 


Different clients have differing requests to whatever is happening in their lives at that time or has been occurring for some time.  This can vary from Relationships, Career/Work, Mediumship with beloved members of family, friends and animals, Personal and Spiritual Development, balancing their Chakra's and Aura's, and any other areas of my expertise. 


Clients will benefit from this counselling session and will leave more motivated, inspired and feel more positive to help themselves heal the necessary aspects of their lives to move forward confidently.

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