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Earrings Dangle Boho: Wire Wrapped Fancy Faceted Large Purple Sheen Crystal, Amethyst 4 & 6mm Beads

"Designed and handmade with passion for the discerning wearer"

Cost $65.00 + p/h $10.25 = $75.25

The energies of Natural Gemstones & Glass are a wonderful way to boost, balance, and invite the energy you choose to foster.

The benefits of Amethyst, according to healers, are many. The stone:
• Brings peace: Place an amethyst, or a group of amethysts, in your home or office to create a more peaceful environment. The stone may be large or small—anything from a small crystal to a large geode will improve the environment and create a sense of peace.
• Protects against psychic attack: Wear a crystal somewhere on your person to guard against spiritual assault. Necklaces and earrings are popular options for people who wish to subtlety display the gem.
• Provides spiritual insight: Wear an amethyst crystal near your crown chakra (top of the head) to promote insight. Hairpins with inlaid amethyst are one way to do this.
• Promotes restful sleep: Place an amethyst near your bed or wear an amethyst pendant while sleeping. Healers believe that proximity to the stone improves quality of sleep.
• Assists with meditation and visualization: Place a crystal in a quiet room with soft lighting before beginning meditation or visualization.


I create these earrings on demand just like my Necklaces, Bracelets, Bookmarks, Keyrings, Wine Bottle Charms, Suncatchers & Pendulums.


The charms and metal beads are made of top quality nickel and lead free pewter and/or silver or rhodium plated zinc alloy.

You can order your Earrings as pictured or design your own by selecting any one of these 24 lovely charms (new charms added all the time; other charms available on request) and even choose your own individual pearl and or crystal.

"All Pendants and Charms are lead and nickel free pewter and/or silver or rhodium plated zinc alloy"

Earrings Dangle: Wire Wrapped Large Fancy Crystal & Amethyst

  • Each earring set is individually designed and handmade using natural gemstones with charms which are lead & nickel free pewter and/or silver or rhodium plated zinc alloy.

    Cost $65.00 + $10.25 p/h = Total $75.25

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