Handmade Gemstone Wine Glass Charms featuring silver plated rings and natural semi-precious crystal gemstone chips

Cost: $6.00 + $10.25 p&h = Total $16.25

Exclusive to Rainbow of Dreams and handmade in Australia, our Wine Glass Charms range caters for those who want to stand out at a party or gathering, with a sense of style, class and personality. Each wine charm is supplied in packaging so they also make great little gifts.

Wine Glass Charms are simple metal rings (ours are silver plated - our GEMSTONE range have a diameter of approx 25mm) with a metal charm and gemstones, that easily clip around the stem of your wine or champagne glass so that you can easily differentiate between your glass and everybody else's. Our Wine Glass Charms also feature beautiful metal charms along the themes of our jewellery range, to allow you to personalise your glass for yourself or your guests - choose from inspirational and descriptive words, through to symbols such as good luck or angel wings.

To cap it off, our GEMSTONE WINE GLASS CHARMS are made with beautiful natural semi-precious gemstone chips, such as Amethyst or Garnet. Choose a gemstone to suit your personality or your birthstone - or just because you appreciate its natural beauty. Every gemstone wine glass charm is unique - just like you.

Amazonite with Dolphin
Amethyst with Angel
Amonazite with Sleeping Cat
Aquamarine with Clover Leaf
Blue Green Amonazite with Good Luck Shoe
Blue Lace Agate with Swallow
Carnelian with Elephants Backs
Coral with Teddy Bear
Lapis Lazuli with Seahorse
Garnet with Leaf
Pink Aventuine wt Dog
Tiger Eye with Horseshoe
Rose Quartz with Filigree Flower
Turquoise with Joy
Turquoise with Elephant
Red Jasper with Love Cats & Dogs
Adventurine with Tree of Life
Carnelian with Tree of Life
Peridot with Buddha
Rose Quartz with BELIEVE
Rose Quartz - pale with WISH

Wine Glass Charms Gemstone - Single or Select for Set of 6

Wine Glass Charms - Singles
  • Cost: $6.00 + $10.25 p&h = Total $16.25

    Just clip it around the stem of your glass. Remove before washing, and do not allow to run through a dishwasher.

    NOTE: Each Rainbow of Dreams Wine Glass Charm is bent near the clip, to stop the chips from accidentally spilling between uses. Should this precaution become straightened, do take care to ensure no small parts fall into the hands of children or pets - as with any small pieces they could become a potential choking hazard.

    NOTE: Being handmade and featuring natural gemstones, each item is unique and so gemstone size and colour, may differ slightly from the photo.

    “All Pendants & Charms are Lead & Nickel Free”.

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