A belief in Past Life Regression is not required to do the work of benefiting from it as the mind can heal in many ways. I have found that most of our present blockages can be traced back to a past life.

But going back and experiencing what had occurred in the past we can heal physical and emotional challenges. We keep recreating the same patterns over and over again until we release them from our personal energy field.

Natalie will take you back gently and lovingly using the tremendous energy that is generated by the group which makes it easier for past life exploration and personal healing.

Past Life Regression assists in your personal exploration and unlocks your subconscious mind to the gifts of enlightenment and healing.
By merging the wisdom gained through Past Life experiences into your current life, you can achieve a greater understanding and knowledge of how to improve current situations and what your soul’s purpose really is.


Deposit of $65 or full payment of $165 is required to secure your appointment.
Deposit of $65 is non-refundable if appointment is cancelled.


Past Life Regression Workshop

Past Life Regression Workshop
  • Payment methods: PayPal
    Credit/Debit Card and EFTPOS facility available - Contact Natalie to organize.

    *A Deposit is required to book your place which is non refundable.
    *If you Cancel/or unable to attend your deposit will not be refunded.

    Once payment of Deposit or full payment has been paid - Please contact Natalie via contact page to notify her. Natalie will then contact you via email or mobile to advise of address details of Workshop.

    If only deposit paid, then remaining balance will be paid in full on day of Workshop.

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