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Will give you a greater in-depth understanding into why you may hold onto your fears in connecting or feel you are unable to make a connection with your Angels and Spirit Guides.


During this course you will experience different techniques in assisting you to overcome your fears or apprehension by confronting and clearing your barriers in a safe environment.


Throughout this 1 day intensive course you will learn how to:

*  Confront & Clear your fears in connecting with your Angels and Spirit Guides

*  Psychic Clearing, Shielding and Protection

*  Recognising and determining the different distinguishing Signs, Feelings, Senses and Visions when connecting with your Angels and Spirit Guides

*  Clearing your Space ie.  Home, work or a room you work in

*  Developing contact and receiving and communication with your Angels and Spirit Guides

*  Connecting and communication with your Angels and Spirit Guides

*  Know the distinction between Angels, Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Nature and Elemental Kingdoms.


$225 for 1 day intensive course   -   Deposit $100

Portal Connection to Angels & Spirit Guides

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  • Payment methods: PayPal
    Credit/Debit Card and EFTPOS facility available - Contact Natalie to organize.

    *A Deposit is required to book your place which is non refundable.
    *If you Cancel your deposit will not be refunded.
    *If you are unable to attend your deposit will not be refunded it will be held over to the next course.

    Once payment of Deposit or full payment has been paid - Please contact Natalie via contact page to notify her. Natalie will then contact you via email or mobile to advise of address details of course.


    Deposit of $100 or full payment of $225 is required to secure your place.

    Deposit of $100 is non-refundable if booking is cancelled.

    If only deposit paid, then remaining balance will be paid in full on day of Course.

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