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Psychic Awareness Development Course

Cost $225.00

Deposit $100 to secure your place in course


This is an extremely informative one day intensive course designed to give the student a comprehensive understanding of psychic energy and how it works. It is mainly designed for those beginning their journeys on the spiritual path however others with some experience already have completed this course with greater additional benefits.

This course is very different to most psychic development courses in that we spend a large amount of time looking at the mechanics of psychic energy and I have written a comprehensive manual to help you with this process.

This one-day intensive course will also involve a number of hands on exercises to expand your psychic development as well as enabling a person to discover their own psychic/intuitive power, working in a group environment allows the person to explore the many forms of divinitation through discussion, practical work and learning to do readings for others.

This process may also assist in developing skills as a healer, working with crystals/energy, Reiki


The topics that will be covered throughout the one-day course are:

  • Meditation techniques and past life insight
  • Psychometry: - learn to read the energy of objects i.e. jewellery, flowers, photos etc
  • Pendulums – what are they and how to use them
  • Spiritual Healing – the magic of giving and receiving energy
  • Protecting and grounding yourself and
  • Automatic Writing

Psychic Awareness Development Course

  • Payment methods: PayPal
    Credit/Debit Card and EFTPOS facility available - Contact Natalie to organize.

    Cost $225       Deposit $100
    *A Deposit is required to book your place which is non refundable.
    *If you Cancel/or unable to attend your deposit will not be refunded.

    Once payment of Deposit or full payment has been paid - Please contact Natalie via contact page to notify her. Natalie will then contact you via email or mobile to advise of address details of course.

    If only deposit paid, then remaining balance will be paid in full on day of Course.

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