Personal Psychic Readings with Natalie
1 hour = $160
2 hours = $320


Face to Face Deposit
1 hour = $65
2 hours = $120

Face to Face Balance Remaining
1 hour = $95
2 hours = $200

Deposit of $65 or $120 or full payment is required to secure your appointment.
Deposit of $65 or $120 is non-refundable if appointment is cancelled.

Psychic Readings - Personal

Personal Psychic Readings
  • Payment methods: PayPal
    Credit/Debit Card and EFTPOS facility available - Contact Natalie to organize.

    Once payment of deposit or full payment has been paid - Please contact Natalie via contact page to notify her. Natalie will then contact you via email or mobile to arrange an appointment & advise of address details.

    If only deposit paid, then remaining balance will be paid in full on day of appointment.

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