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Tarot/Angel Card Drawstring Bags
Available Now $45.00 plus $10.25 p&h = Total $55.25

Based on a medieval "milles fleurs" tapestry, this image is spectacular in a subtle way, and very pretty.

The Purrfect Home For Your Magic Cards

Exquisite tarot bags inspired by the
Award Winning Baroque Bohemian Cats' Tarot Deck from
Magic Realist Press.

Each Tarot bag is made with silks, velvets, metallic cords and Czech glass beads, this range of tarot bags is absolutely gorgeous. At 14cm x 21cm, these bags are perfect for your cards, runes, herbs or cosmetics. Prints are very vivid and luscious in colour. All over the bags are beautifully made with 100% silk DuPont backing, finished with Czech metallic braiding and Czech glass beads and fully lined.

Bags Drawstring for Tarot and Angel Card

  • All Available Now

    RRP Available Now $45.00 plus $10.25 p&h = Total $55.25

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