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Chakra Healing Session (1 Hour)

Please make appointments with a minimum of 24 hours notice

  • 1 hour
  • 200 Australian dollars
  • Therapy

Service Description

CHAKRA HEALING SESSION In a Chakra Healing session I work with the Chakras as they are spiritual energy centres along the axis of your Being, connected to the physical body. Each one is a point at which energy can be expressed in a certain set of actions, attitudes and emotions. The 7 Chakras are a map of the Soul, which you must move along through out your lifetime for healing to happen. These points represent our physical, emotional and spiritual growth and are responsible for handling the flow of Universal Energy. Any imbalances that exist within each Chakra may have profound effects upon either our physical or our emotional bodies so that: Diseases may manifest and thought processes and the mind may be affected. The Chakras look after our: Physical Being, Intellectual Being, Emotional Being and Spiritual Being. A constant balance between the Chakras promotes health and a sense of wellbeing. ​

Contact Details

041 9889 511


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