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Past Life Regression Therapy (3 Hours)

Please make appointments with a minimum of 24 hours notice

  • 3 hr
  • 500 Australian dollars
  • Therapy

Service Description

PAST LIFE REGRESSION THERAPY. Past Life Regression Therapy differs from other types of therapy because of its quick access to: Your entire past history and the deeper origins of your issues. During a regression session clients give comprehensive details of accessing these issues and : Also give information of their healing experiences. By re-experiencing the significant events of a past life and by releasing energy and emotional Blockages that have kept you stuck, helps to bring closure to those events of that lifetime Enabling you to move forward more freely in the present time and then in your future. The past life journeys can lead to: > Significant transformations > Healing > Understanding and Enlightenment in how you view yourself and the whole world. Clients come away with: A greater realisation of the eternal nature of their being, Their connection to others in their life and, a closer experience of the love filled energy that underlies all life.

Contact Details

041 9889 511


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