Natalie Norton-Baker, International TV Celebrity with 45+ years expereince
Hello, and Welcome to my website,   PORTAL VISIONS. 
 My name is Natalie Norton-Baker and I believe that I'm an outstandingly accurate Psychic Medium in Adelaide, Australia with over 45+ years of experience. 
I'm recognised as a International TV Celebrity Psychic Medium and I have helped my clients from around the world receive readings and guidance. 
I'm a natural Psychic Medium, divinely guided by my angels and spirit guides to help you in receiving clarity and guidance on your life's path. I don't use any Psychic props as I work hands free.

 I look forward to lovingly assisting you on      your journey.


My mission is to empower you by working with you to enhance
your life's journey.

  • Psychic Development Weekly Classes
    Aug 16, 7:30 PM – Aug 17, 9:30 PM
    Enfield, Enfield SA 5085, Australia
    Register for these weekly classes and then attend each week and pay $30 per class when you attend.

Weekly Classes

Classes are held every Tuesday - Join at any time.  

    16th August 2022


  - Weekly Ongoing Classes in Adelaide   Covering all different topics to assist in developing your spiritual psychic awareness and learning how to work closer with your angels and spirit guides giving you the confidence on your journey.

We have a safe place to ask any questions, practice your skills as well as supporting each other.

Course Content Outline:

  • Learn to recognise the signs enabling you to know that your Spirit Guides and Angels are with you

  • Psychic clearing, shielding, grounding and clearing your space

  • Developing, strengthening your connection and working with your Spirit Guides and Angels through Meditation

  • Learn how to give Spiritual Healing and practice with others in the group

  • Techniques in Healing styles *Absent Healing     *Using Colours for healing

  • Learn: Clairvoyance:  Clairaudience:   Clairsentience:  Claircognisance:  Clairambience: Clairallience

  • Psychometry  using jewellery and  flower / photo readings

  • Using a Pendulum:   Automatic Writing: Auras: Chakras:  Crystals/Gemstones

  • Learn how to Protect yourself, your loved ones and ground yourself

  • Strengthen and learn mediumship


Registration Payment $150 (Once only fee enables you to attend either terms or years for a weekly fee on attendance)

$30 for 2.5hr weekly sessions

The weekly Classes and our Workshop are held in Adelaide, South Australia.  You will be emailed the address of the exact location once you register.

Please  contact Natalie   if you have any questions.

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